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From Børre Gaup <>
Subject Re: i18n: menu or doc, but not both! (and no language override menu)
Date Thu, 26 May 2005 17:45:23 GMT
Gaskavahkku, miessemánu 25. b. 2005 19.26, Sjur Moshagen čálii:
> Hello,
> I've been silent for a long time - sorry for not giving any feedback
> sooner!
> We have now tested the i18n features with the latest svn version (of
> today), and the behaviour we find is a little strange. Here's what
> we've done, and the result:
> - made a new dir
> - fresh forrest seed
> - turned forrest.i18n on
> - added index.sme.xml and to .../xdocs/
> - added menu_sme.xml (menu_no.xml is part of the distro)
> The outcome:
> $ forrest run
> In the browser:
> localhost:8888/index.html
> -> Norwegian menu, default (English) page (Norwegian locale from the
> browser)
> localhost:8888/index.html?locale=sme
> -> English menu, North Sámi (sme) page
> localhost:8888/index.html?locale=no
> -> English menu, Norwegian page
> That is, it is not possible to override the menu locale, only the
> document locale. When the menu locale is not taken from the browser
> (because of a URL override), it falls back to the default.
> That is, it is almost impossible to get the document and menu locales
> to match:-(
> On the *very* positive side, Forrest does not any more (=since last
> time we tested) return a 404 when it can't find a specified locale.
> Also, when i18n is turned on, we would expect a language override
> menu to be generated, but see none. What is needed to get one?
> Thanks for the great work on Forrest, we're looking forward to the
> 0.7 release:-)

Hello, I am Sjurs co-worker, and we continued our research on forrest i18n.

I tested the i18n features of forrest-0.7-dev, svn revision 106393, using the 
same method as described above, except that the index.xml file was renamed 

Using the same URL's as above I get the correct languages in both menus and 
documents, and an internal server error when specifying a non-existing 

So, the expected behavior would be if forrest behaves like the old svn version 
with regards to specifying a locale, and degrades gracefully if the requested 
locale does not exist, as in the new svn version.

Is it easy to fix, or should we open an issue in the bug tracker?

Børre Gaup

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