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From David Crossley <>
Subject Re: Some feedback on using Forrest
Date Thu, 26 May 2005 05:55:59 GMT
Pedro I. Sanchez wrote:
> Hello,
> I created a web site which is on-line at
> since a few days ago. It is pretty simple and uses the default skin.
> But my customer is really happy, both with the quality, and with the
> speed at which changes can be introduced.
> I've worked with the svn version of Forrest and I'd like to share some
> comments on my experience so far.

Oh thank you. That is exactly what we need - feedback.
Also people testing 0.7-dev is helping to create a better release.

> 1. The web site is in Spanish. I had to manually modify the default
> skin to get rid of English messages, i.e., "Published", "Search", etc.
> It would be great if the skins would refer to some file which actually
> holds the translations for these messages.

This could be quite easily added to the skinconf.xml configuration,
rather than a separate file. The skinconf DTD would need a tweak.
Would you please add an Issue to our tracker. See the left-hand
menu of our Project tab.

> 2. My site.xml file has the following:
> <files>
> ...
> <eventos href="eventos/index.html"/>
> </files>
> However, <a href="site:eventos" /> is rendered as the link
> which you can see in the front
> page. Where did the "index.html" part go? This is annoying 
> because while testing the site in my local hard drive (with
> URLs like file:///path/to/build/site) these links give me
> the list of files in the directory instead of the "index.html"
> file I am expecting.
> Basically, there seems to be the implicit assumption that the
> web server will always figure out that index.html is the file
> that has to be rendered. This is not always the case. In particular
> several "embedded" web server don't have this logic built in
> and require a explicit mention of the target file.

I wonder if this FAQ would address that issue:

> 3. Why do I get "2005 2005" in the copyright label? I have this
> in skinconf.xml
>   <year>2005</year>
>   <vendor>Sello Propio.</vendor>
> I'd like this to read "2004-2005" but if I put <year>2004-2005</year> I
> get "2004-2005 2004-2005". The skin always doubles up the content of the
> <year> :(

Strange. That configuration does not seem to be any different
to what we have for and it works for us.

You said that you copied the pelt skin and changed some things.
Perhaps you accidently added something to the stylesheets
when you were experimenting with changing the English terms.
Doing 'diff -r skins/sello-propio skins/pelt' will reveal your

> 4. You will notice that the date in the top right of the pages is
> the current date/time as of the moment you click to see each page.
> This is supposed to be the "Published" date instead! (I removed
> the "Publicado", in Spanish, because it is simply not working).
> The server serving the pages doesn't have Java available. Could this
> be the reason why I get this weird behaviour?

Perhaps there is a problem with your web server. When i request
HEAD of that document, it shows that there is no "Last-Modified"
header in the response.

> Despite these problems, I'm really happy with Forrest and I want to
> say thank you to the development team.

Thanks to you. If you have any general changes that you needed
to make to the pelt skin, then send them in. That would make
it easier for you to keep your code synchronised.

> And if you feel is worth it,
> I'd be delighted to see this new web site in the list of samples
> in the Forrest's web site.

Of course it is. Done. If you want to change the entry, then
send us the output of
svn diff site-author/content/xdocs/live-sites.xml


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