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From David Crossley <>
Subject Re: App vs Data
Date Sat, 21 May 2005 01:53:24 GMT
Tim sent this directly to me, i am bringing it back onto the list.
More below ...

Tim Williams wrote:
> > Don't create that 'forrest seed' inside the forrest distribution.
> > Make a new directory at some completely different place on
> > your filesystem.
> I just downloaded a fresh 0.7 distro and created a totally separate
> "forrest-sites" directory where each subdirectory will be a site. 
> That makes this much more understandable.
> I recommend changing 
> " To try this out, create a completely new directory, change directory
> to it, and do 'forrest seed':"
> to
> "To try this out, create a completely new directory (outside the
> Forrest distribution), change directory to it, and do 'forrest seed':"
> It's looks trivial but I think if I wouldn't have made the mistake of
> seeding inside the distro I would never have been confused about the
> separation between the Forrest App and a site.  Thank to everyone for
> your help.

This is a big help Tim. This is exactly the sort of clarification
that we need. I just now added that change to our SVN.

By the way, it would be much more efficient if people
changed their local copy of the doc and sent us the differences:

However, will gladly receive contributions in any form.


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