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From David Crossley <>
Subject Re: TOC in FAQ
Date Thu, 05 May 2005 02:26:07 GMT
The Web Maestro wrote:
> I'm having a problem generating the table of Contents for our FAQs  
> page[1], although all other pages contain generated TOCs at the top. I  
> checked the Forrest 0.6 Menus & Linking page[2], and it indicates that  
> skinconf.xml should include the element:
> <toc level="2" location="page"/>
> The value we have in our skinconf.xml file is:
> <toc max-depth="2" min-sections="3" location="page"/>
> Although what we have is different, this matches what Forrest appears  
> to have for its skinconf.xml file in SVN[3]. I tried switching to the  
> <toc level="2" location="page"/>, but I get an error that @level must  
> be declared. I suspect the Docs are incorrect for Forrest 0.6 (I did  
> make certain I'm running forrest-0.6):

The docs must be old. I suggest that you follow what is
shown in the skinconf.xml for a fresh site, i.e. cd to a
new directory, do 'forrest seed' and look at its skinconf.xml

> p.s. FYI, like FOP's Eyebrowse mailing list archives, Forrest's  
> Eyebrowse links appear to be non-functional. Currently, I see no way to  
> browse the forrest-user archives

This is a problem for many Apache mailing lists.
Some people at ASF Infrastructure are working on fixing it.
In the meantime, try the "mod_mbox" archives ...


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