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From "Glen Tulukin" <>
Subject content, menu, tabs from one xml?
Date Tue, 26 Apr 2005 16:23:51 GMT
I have a single xml file that I convert to a v20 docs using my custom
sitemap and xslt transformers. Everything is fine. The question is if it is
possible to generate tabs.xml and site.xml dynamically from that single file
and pass them down the pipe to Forrest so Forrest can proceed its usual way
as site.xml and tabs.xml were static?

Structure of the xml file:

    <level_1 name="tab_1">
        <level_2 name="menu_1_1">
            <level_3 name="menu_2_1">...</level_3>
    <level_1 name="tab_2">


I need:
1. myfile/level_1 elements make tabs
2. myfile/level_1/level_2 makes menu items with reference on the
corresponding tab
3. breadcrumbs showing: tab_1>menu_1_1>menu_2_1 etc.


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