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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Re: content, menu, tabs from one xml?
Date Tue, 26 Apr 2005 21:33:56 GMT
Glen Tulukin wrote:
> I have a single xml file that I convert to a v20 docs using my custom
> sitemap and xslt transformers. Everything is fine. The question is if it is
> possible to generate tabs.xml and site.xml dynamically from that single file
> and pass them down the pipe to Forrest so Forrest can proceed its usual way
> as site.xml and tabs.xml were static?
> Structure of the xml file:
> <myfile>
>     <level_1 name="tab_1">
>         <level_2 name="menu_1_1">
>             <level_3 name="menu_2_1">...</level_3>
>             <level_3>...</level_3>
>         </level_2>
>     </level_1>
>     <level_1 name="tab_2">
>     </level_1>
> </myfile>
> I need:
> 1. myfile/level_1 elements make tabs
> 2. myfile/level_1/level_2 makes menu items with reference on the
> corresponding tab
> 3. breadcrumbs showing: tab_1>menu_1_1>menu_2_1 etc.

Take a look at the IMSManifest plugin. This does exactly what you want 
and will therefore show you how to do it with your own file format. I 
doubt you will want to use the IMS Manifest format as it is quite 
complex and only really suited to machine editing, of course you could 
use if you want a drag and drop editor that 
works with IMS Manifests.


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