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From "Antonio Gallardo" <>
Subject Re: X-Versions supported by Forrest
Date Tue, 12 Apr 2005 17:19:14 GMT
On Mar, 12 de Abril de 2005, 12:01, Ferdinand Soethe dijo:
> Antonio Gallardo wrote:
> AG> Forrest is built on Apache Cocoon. Cocoon can use saxon as the XSLT
> AG> processor. Saxon supports xpath v2. That means is posible to use xpath
> v2
> AG> right now in forrest.
> Thanks. That is good to know. If I really need XPath 2 I'll try to figure
> out how.

I believe it is not too dificult:

> But I think I'd rather stick with the standard distribution as
> long as I can.


> So am I correct to assume that Forrest will always use the latest
> stable release of cocoon (which will always use the latest stable
> release of xalan) or how is this decided?

We try to stick with this as long as posible. But the reality sometimes is
not exactly as you described above. Also in Cocoon, there is the same
policy to use stable "official" releases of the libs. But sometimes we
need to use a CVS (SVN) version because it fix an important issue. As a
sample take the current xalan version we use now in forrest:


here, "20041008T0304" means we use a xalan built from the CVS. The CVS
snapshot was from 2004-10-08 Time 03:04 UTC.

This was done because there was an important bugfix for forrest and this
is the same xalan version shipped currently with cocoon.

> I other words is there an easy way to find out what modules are used
> in any given Forrest release?

If by modules you mean "jars", then see:

Also there is an important dir "cocoon_upgrade" and see the readme:

> If not, wouldn't this be a useful thing
> to report somewhere?

If the above don't answer the question, then we need to publish more info.


Best Regards,

Antonio Gallardo

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