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From David Crossley <>
Subject Re: X-Versions supported by Forrest
Date Wed, 13 Apr 2005 01:52:10 GMT
Antonio Gallardo wrote:
> Ferdinand Soethe dijo:
> > So am I correct to assume that Forrest will always use the latest
> > stable release of cocoon (which will always use the latest stable
> > release of xalan) or how is this decided?
> We try to stick with this as long as posible. But the reality sometimes is
> not exactly as you described above. Also in Cocoon, there is the same
> policy to use stable "official" releases of the libs. But sometimes we
> need to use a CVS (SVN) version because it fix an important issue. As a
> sample take the current xalan version we use now in forrest:
> xalan-2.6.1-dev-20041008T0304.jar
> here, "20041008T0304" means we use a xalan built from the CVS. The CVS
> snapshot was from 2004-10-08 Time 03:04 UTC.
> This was done because there was an important bugfix for forrest and this
> is the same xalan version shipped currently with cocoon.

This needs clarification. We don't use a stable release
of Cocoon. We use trunk (currently 2.2). We don't stay
on the bleeding edge however. We use a svn revision
that works for us, and update forrest's Cocoon occasionally.

Cocoon has a general policy to use only released
versions of supporting products. At Forrest we don't
have this restriction.

> > I other words is there an easy way to find out what modules are used
> > in any given Forrest release?
> If by modules you mean "jars", then see:

Yes, the best way is to look at your own local version
of forrest in the ./lib/ directories.

> Also there is an important dir "cocoon_upgrade" and see the readme:
> > If not, wouldn't this be a useful thing
> > to report somewhere?
> If the above don't answer the question, then we need to publish more info.
> :-)

We had a recent discussion that we need to have a document
that describes all of this, but no-one has done it.


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