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From ken clowes <>
Subject Re: Validating editors
Date Thu, 17 Mar 2005 23:09:31 GMT

  It seems to me that the problem is with XMLBuddy and/or Oxygen.

 I use Jedit and have been astounded at its cleverness; forrest also seems
to have no problems figuring out where the DTDs are.

 (Alas, I actually hard-code paths into any DTD that is not part of
standard Forrest distribution.  Neither Forrest nor Jedit seems
to mind...)


On Thu, 17 Mar 2005 23:50:18 +0100, Ferdinand Soethe <> wrote:
> I have a real nasty problem with two validating Eclipse XML-plugins as
> soon as I add doctypes to my Forrest documents:
> This is the header in my files:
>      <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
>      <!DOCTYPE kursbeschreibung PUBLIC "-//Bildungsverein-Hannover//ssp//DTD Kursbeschreibung
>                         "">
> This is in %projectdir%\src\documentation\resources\schema\catalog.xcat
>      <public publicId="-//Bildungsverein-Hannover//ssp//DTD Kursbeschreibung V1.0//DE"
>         uri="kursbeschreibung-v10.dtd"/>
> and the dtd-file is kursbeschreibung-v10.dtd in the same directory.
> The nice part is that Forrest will now validate the file without
> complaint.
> Not so nice: As long as the doctype-header is in the file, XMLBuddy
> and Oxygen will insist on evaluating the system id and tell me that
> the domain does not exist.
> Telling Oxygen where the catalog is doesn't help, XMLBuddy doesn't
> even know catalogs and all the other options I tried failed as well.
> On the other hand, JEDIT has no complaints, so it can't be all wrong.
> I really don't want to use a fixed file-system id that need
> changing whenever we move to a new machine. Anybody any ideas what
> else to try to get around that?
> Thanks,
> Ferdinand

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