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From Marc Logemann <>
Subject Re: some questions regarding forrest
Date Sat, 26 Mar 2005 01:50:17 GMT

i try to get the complete tapestry forrest files. So perhaps one can 
reuse this for a plugin later. IMO there are still some fundamental 
things missing in forrest when it comes to standard documentation 
generation. MOst likely users dont want to fiddle around with xmaps and 
stylesheets but just expect that behavior to be configurable in some 
config file.

Another problem i am getting is that when i copy sitemap.xmap to 
$myproject$\src\documentation and run "forrest", i am getting "out of 
memory error". And this even if i dont edited the sitemap.xmap. This is 
a problem, because i cant have my own version of it at the moment.

Ross Gardler wrote:
> Basically what you need to do is write a new stylesheet that does the 
> splitting onm defined points in the document (I do it on top level 
> sections, it looks like tapestry does it the same way).
> This would make a great plugin, perhaps you could use the stylesheets 
> that Tapestry have to create a plugin to split pages like this (the code 
> I have is again version 0.5 of Forrest so best work with Tapestries it 
> will be more current).
> For a doc on creating plugins see 
> I (and other devs) will be happy to answer further on creating this 
> plugin on the dev list.
> Ross

Marc Logemann

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