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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Re: Problem upgrading to forrest 6
Date Thu, 17 Mar 2005 13:36:37 GMT
Kola Oyedeji wrote:
> Hi 
> The jars are MS$ JDBC drivers. I managed to get it working by removing the
> attribute element from the validate.xml document. The remaining errors where
> caused by my old documents not strictly conforming to the newer dtds - I
> tweaked them till the validated and it now works.

Glad you got it working, but you should not need to remove that 
attribute, it works fine for eveyone else. When you have time you should 
dig for the real problem (I'm afraid I can't give you any hints) 
otherwise it will come back to haunt you again and again.


>>-----Original Message-----
>>From: Dave Brondsema []
>>Sent: 17 March 2005 04:26
>>Subject: Re: Problem upgrading to forrest 6
>> wrote:
>>>Hi, yes before I posted I tried every single thing in the thread, I also
>>>posted my classpath in an earlier mail, but just incase you missed it:
>>>C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Driver for
>>>:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Driver for
>>>ram Files\Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Driver for JDBC\lib\msutil.jar
>>>I've commented out the following line in validate.xml
>>><!-- <attribute name=""
>>>value="true"/> -->
>>>Which was the cause of the error and I can now build new sites -
>>>But my site which was okay on 5 fails to build with "... is not a valid
>>>document"  which is surprising as they haven't changed but I will
>>>investigate further...
>>I don't know what is in those jars (and it seems unlikely that an apache
>>  xml parser would), but just to make sure... Have you tried forrest
>>with an empty classpath?
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