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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Re: Questions regarding S5-Plugin
Date Mon, 14 Mar 2005 12:22:54 GMT
Ferdinand Soethe wrote:
> Trying to get the S5-Plugin to work I have a few questions that I
> found no answer to in the list.
> 1. Why is it not delivered to the plugin dir when I check out Forrest
>    sources?

It uses some code that is GPL'd and therefore cannot be distributed with 

>    After some trying I realized that I had to configure it as
>    a plugin, run Forrest to have it downloaded, then look at the
>    forrest\build\plugins branch to find plugin and docs. Is this
>    supposed to be like that?

Yes, and no.

The "configure as a plugin" part is as intended - see

The documentation side of things is still a work in progress (scheduled 
for the 0.7 release). The forrest website will have documentation for 
all approved plugins i.e. those that appear in the plugins.xml file 
hosted by Forrest. A freshly seeded site will have a summary of all the 
available plugins.

> 2. How to I make the plugin kick in?
>    Looking at the S5-docs directory I only see a normal link to
>    manual.html. But if I copy that to my S5-enabled site, no
>    slide-show appears.
>    And a forrest run doesn't seem to work in the plug-ins root.
> 3. How to I combine it with the OO-Plugin to show Impress slides.
> Any pointers would be much appreciated

I just checked the plugin zip and notice that it has not been updated to 
the new directory structure. To see the docs do:

cd FORREST_HOME/build/plugins/s5/docs
forrest run


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