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From Peter van de Hoef <>
Subject Re: logfiles not written to ${} on 'forrest run'
Date Mon, 14 Mar 2005 08:59:15 GMT
I will try it.

David Crossley wrote:

>Peter van de Hoef wrote:
>>Hi all,
>>Thanks for this great product and I'm eagerly looking forward to the 
>>Forrest -0.7 release!
>>At the moment I'm using a snapshot version of Forrest 
>>(forrest_20050309121150) and am having a problem with overriding the 
>>default output directory via the ${} property in the 
>>'' file.
>>This works fine, except for the log-files that are generated by Cocoon, 
>>which are still written to the default output directory: 
>>I've managed to solve this by overriding the 'logkit.xconf' file by 
>>setting the ${project.logkitfile} property.
>>This works for 'forrest site' but not for 'forrest run'. Does this mean 
>>that 'forrest run' does not use this logkit configuration file or is 
>>there another property that can be set to direct Cocoon's logfiles to 
>>Forrest's ${}?
>Looks like a bug. Try setting the path explicitly in

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