I have some question regarding getting jimi to work with forrest for pdf.

      Forrest website gives the following instructions for jimi


To get PNGs working in PDFs with Jimi:

  1. Download Jimi from http://java.sun.com/products/jimi/
  2. Unpack the Jimi distribution and copy JimiProClasses.zip to $FORREST/lib/optional/jimi-1.0.jar.

I am confused at instruction 2. Does it mean

A) Extract JimiProClasses.zip -> all classes files in <dir> -> repack it as a jar file by jar -cvf  jimi-1.0.jar <dir>  -> and copy the jar file to $FORREST/lib/optional ...................... OR

B) Rename JimiProClasses.zip to jimi-1.0.jar and place it in $FORREST/lib/optional

Currently I have followed process A) above and have been unsuccesful in getting the images in pdf.

I have svg images as

 <figure src="images/tree2.png"> </figure>

and they display correctly on the .html page but do not appear in .pdf

If my images are not getting rendered in pdf, is there any other way to find out if jimi installation is correct?


Please guide me into the correct methodlogy.