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From "Claus Bech Rasmussen - TELMORE" <>
Subject xpointer attribute in xincludes
Date Tue, 22 Feb 2005 15:56:00 GMT
I guess this is really a Cocoon question for the xincludes transformer,
but since xincludes was just mentioned, here goes anyway:

html it seems that xpointer instructions must be provided in the href
attribute and not, as the recommendation suggests, in the xpointer

So you can't do:
<xi:include href="myfile.xml" xpointer=""/>

While this is ok:
<xi:include href="myfile.xml#xpointer("/>

At least when I try the former on Forrest 0.6, the xpointer isn't obeyed
and the entire document is included.

Is this the intended bevahior of the xincludes transformer? Are there
any plans to change this?


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