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From Ferdinand Soethe <>
Subject Running (and stopping) Forrest from within Eclipse
Date Mon, 28 Feb 2005 17:30:33 GMT

            Is there a better way than killing Java in Solution 2 (see

Problem  1:

            I wanted an easy way to run Forrest (as a server) from
            within Eclipse using one (of several projects) that I'm
            currently working on.

Solution 1:

            In Eclipse create an new External Tool "Run Forrest" with
            these settings:

            Location:          [YourForrestProgramDir]\bin\forrest.bat
            Working Directory: ${project_loc}
            Arguments:         run

            This will start the Jetty-Server in the project directory
            of the project you are currently working on. Because we
            use the project directory variable ${project_loc} you
            don't have to select the project root, selecting any file
            or folder below it in the Navigator is good enough.


            Quick way to run the server on any project without having to
            switch to a command line window or create individual
            batch files that do it for you.

            Much nicer logging of the output right with your project.

Problem 2:

            Using this I ran into a problem stopping the jetty-server:
            Since Eclipse would not let be use the normal Ctrl-C to
            stop the server, the only way I found was to terminate the
            process from Eclipse.

            Unfortunately that did not remove the process completely
            and so when I tried to re-start it (in another project),
            I found the Jetty still running for the first project and
            no way to stop it.

Solution 2:

            Create a second External Tool KillJava with these setting:

            Location:          C:\WINDOWS\system32\taskkill.exe
            Working Directory: -
            Arguments        : /F /IM java.exe

            Works for me and didn't seem to have any side effects.
            But I know this is not the nice way to do it.
            Any suggestions?

Ferdinand Soethe

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