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From Ferdinand Soethe <>
Subject Re[2]: Q: Integrate multipage externally generated content
Date Fri, 18 Feb 2005 14:17:14 GMT

Hi Ross,

looks like another exciting Howto candidate. Thanks for taking the time.

>>    Unfortunately I found no more info on
>>    - the required structure of book.xml
>>    - how to reference it on site and tabs (or not at all)

RG> Do a "forrest seed" and look inside the samples directory.

Ah, its not named book.xml, no wonder my file search didn't work.
I found it and will do some experimenting to understand what and how
it's doing this.

>> 3. Can I use directory-based selection for only parts of my Forrest?
>>    I looks like it for all or none of the site.

RG> Yesterday I committed a small change to how site.xml and tabs.xml are
RG> generated for this very reason. You are now able to override the 
RG> generation of these two files in a project sitemap. So therefore the
RG> answer is yes, just create your own pipeline that aggregates the static
RG> parts of your structure with the dir generated parts.

Which is basically a nice wrapper of my solution 1, is it? my own
pipeline would still have to grap the static parts of site and tabs
and 'wrap' them around the dynamically generated parts.

>> 4. Is there another way to generate the courses-sections of site and
>>    tabs in my transformation, put it into separate files and have Forrest
>>    include these into site and tabs when compiling the site?

RG> If you use the IMSManifest plugin (this is exactly why I built it), yes.
RG> But this requires you to use IMS Manifests rather than site.xml and
RG> tabs.xml. The Burrokeet project ( ) provides
RG> some assistance in doing this kind of thing, but it is early days.

Will try and understand this (and come back with losts more questions

RG> Finally, last night I started working on the locationmap feature of
RG> Forrest. This is not due until 0.8 but I need it, for a remarkably
RG> similar use case in the coming months. However, I'm not sure when I will
RG> complete work on this.

I looked up locationmap in the dev-list and found a mail on
'LocationMapModule' of Oct 17th 2003. Unfortunately I didn't even
remotely understand what Unico was writing about and even less why
this would help with our problem.

Is there info on the locationmaps to learn more?

Ferdinand Soethe

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