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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Re: Adding DTD's to the catalog
Date Mon, 28 Feb 2005 02:14:16 GMT
Ross Gardler wrote:
> I need to add some documents that use a custom DTD to my project. As per 
> the instructions at 
> I have placed my 
> DTD's in src/documentation/resources/schema and have a new project.xcat 
> file (in the same directory).
> If I run "forrest validate" all my docs are validated, however if I run 
> "forrest site" the files with the new DTD's fail because Forrest is 
> trying to download the schema from the web (and they are not there, only 
> local).
> Any ideas?

A little more info, I think this shows that the project.xcat file is not 
working in a "forrest run|site" but is working for "forrest validate".

If I change my doctype from ...

<!DOCTYPE mailingListIndex PUBLIC "-//SAAFE//DTD MailngListIndex 
V1.0//EN" "">

... to ...

<!DOCTYPE mailingListIndex PUBLIC "-//SAAFE//DTD MailngListIndex 
V1.0//EN" "../../../resources/schema/dtd/mailingListIndex-v10.dtd">

... then everything works fine.

Can someone who knows more about catalog resolution confirm this is a 
bug, or am I missing something?


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