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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Re: Raw sub-directories are not being copied
Date Tue, 08 Feb 2005 12:43:50 GMT wrote:

>I have to agree.  I believe the reason my files were not being copied is
>because the link is being constructed using JavaScript.  Practically, this
>situation occurs when I'm including a web application generated from another
>application into my Forrest site using and iframe. It sounds a little
>complicated, but it really worked out well -- once I manually move the
This behaviour (see below) occurs because of the way the site is 
generated, Cocoon walks through all the links of the site generating the 
pages as it goes. We recently changed the way RAW files are handled, 
using the old method your scenario would have been OK, using the new 
method it is not. Until now we never thought it was a problem, but now 
you have given us a use case we'll have to reconsider this. I think the 
forthcoming linkmap will solve this problem but I'm not sure (this mail 
copied to dev list for comment, I think this has the same root cause as ).

As a temporary workaround you could add a copy command to the "site" 
target in FORREST_HOME/main/ You should make it copy 
all the files in your xdocs directory *before* the site is built


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