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From Sjur Moshagen <>
Subject Re: Wiki and UTF-8/non-latin-1
Date Wed, 16 Feb 2005 12:26:58 GMT
På 16. feb. 2005 kl. 12.56 skrev Thorsten Scherler:

> El mié, 16-02-2005 a las 11:03, Sjur Moshagen escribió:
>> På 14. feb. 2005 kl. 13.21 skrev Sjur Moshagen:
>>> <map:parameter name="encoding" value="UTF-8"/>
>>> but my UTF-8 wiki document is still read as Latin-1.
>>> Is this a Forrest bug? A Chaperon Bug? A Cocoon bug? Am I missing
>>> something?
>> No response so far - does it mean that noone has this problem, or that
>> noone has tried using the jspwiki input format with UTF-8 encoding?
>> Sjur
> Not having the problem because never tried your use-case. Sorry for not
> being a bigger help.
> ...but having a quick look on the plugin raises the question whether 
> you
> added <map:parameter name="encoding" value="UTF-8"/> as well to
> chaperon/sitemap.xmap?

Thanks for the tip. It didn't help, though.

I have now added the encoding parameter at the following locations:


and manually in the corresponding built files as well.

Another variable in the bug hunting is whether it should be:

<map:parameter name="encoding" value="UTF-8"/>
<parameter name="encoding" value="UTF-8"/>

Note the (lack of) namespace.

All other parameters in the mentioned files are without a namespace, 
but the documentation on the Chaperon site has a namespace. I have 
tried both with and without, to no avail.

If/when we are able to solve the problem, it seems to me that there 
should be a central configuration option (in for 
the encoding of text file sources (*.jspwiki, *.txt, whatever is 
supported by forrest and its plugins), probably in a fashion similar to 
validation: one option for all text file types, and specific options to 
override the encoding of each type. As it is now, I am editing the 
Forrest sources to get what I want, which is not desirable in the long 


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