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From Ferdinand Soethe <>
Subject Problem with named anchors in HTML-pages being removed
Date Tue, 22 Feb 2005 15:03:28 GMT

During some involuntary testing of treatment of local anchors in
HTML-pages I found a rather unnerving 'feature'.

If a local anchor like

<h2><a name="myanchorID">My visible headline</a></h2>

is processed by Forrests default treatment, the anchor is
'disappeared' and replaced by the following code:

<a name="N10016"></a><a name="My+visible+headline"></a>
<h3 class="boxed">My visible headline</h3>

This is no problem for Forrest internally as it uses its new
self-generated anchors, but it is if you have other pages referencing
this section by using the original anchor name.

And unless your page is really static, you cannot even use the new
anchors to reference this section as the

- numeric anchor will change each time the structure of your page
  changes while

- the text based anchor depends on the text of your heading (which
  might change as well).

My question: Could transformation not preserve existing anchors in
an html-page and - in case of conflict - adjust its autogenerated
anchors to avoid the conflict.

Ferdinand Soethe

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