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From Thorsten Scherler <>
Subject Re: Forrest Hosting
Date Thu, 03 Feb 2005 10:35:52 GMT
El jue, 03-02-2005 a las 11:15, Bhatia Praveen, HCLT-Japan escribió:
> Hi,
>     Currently I am using forrest as "forrest run" and seeing the web pages
> on localhost on my pc.
>     I am trying to understand how to make them work statically over the web.

You can just use 'forrest' and a static page will be created. This site
you can export whereever you want. This mode we call static mode.

> I would like to know:
> 1) where can one host forrest websites (free and/or paid)? Which forrest
> jars need to be uploaded and where for it?

If you want use the dynamic forrest (forrest run) on the webserver the
whole forrest dis has to be installed. Try and
greet Jason Lane from me. ;-) I reckon he has installed everything that
you need.

> 2) the contents which get mapped dynamically (for ex. .xmap generates pdf
> files or .png files on the respective page) how can one get static versions
> of them or the whole web site without saving them one by one from the
> webpage? 


That will create the whole site (including pdf,...). 

NOTE: some plugins will only run in dynamic mode (forrest run)

> Sorry if these questions are too simple!

No worries.

> regards
> Praveen


"Together we stand, divided we fall!" 
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