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From Sjur Moshagen <>
Subject Re: Does a status.dtd make sense?
Date Thu, 17 Feb 2005 07:48:58 GMT
Sorry it took so long - planned to update the DTD to version 1.3 
(corresponding to v.13 of the changes.dtd and todo.dtd), but never had 
the time to do it. So you got what I have :-/ - please improve! :-)

På 27. jan. 2005 kl. 19.52 skrev Ross Gardler:

> Yes, there would be interest. There was discussion on the dev list a 
> few weeks ago about enhancing status.xml. This enhanced functionality 
> would be moved into a plugin and that plugin would then (in an ideal 
> world) develop into a project tracking plugin with links into popular 
> bug tracking systems and the like.
> The first stage would be the creation of a status.xml DTD and you just 
> did that for us :-))
> Please create an issue and attach the file 

There is no reference to this e-mail thread (or the one in dev) because 
of problems with the mail archive. Will be added as soon as the archive 
is back up and running.


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