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From Sjur Moshagen <>
Subject Re: Support for XInclude in tabs.xml and site.xml
Date Wed, 19 Jan 2005 08:06:13 GMT
På 18. jan. 2005 kl. 18.14 skrev Ross Gardler:

>>> Our solution is to import content from a repository.
>> This is also what we do.
> With one very important difference, for us, Forrest does it at 
> runtime. There is no need for the content developers to import the 
> docs, this is very important for us as most of our content developers 
> are not technically aware, using a word processor is about their 
> limit.


>> I'll have to look into IMSManifest. Presently we (or I, that is:-) 
>> would like to go for the XInclude solution, to get our site up and 
>> running AFAP. That does not preclude that we also look into other 
>> solutions that would also take care of repository checkouts/updates.
> Absolutely, you need to get things working for your project (and I 
> will apply your patch since it does not affect other aspects of 
> Forrest).

Thanks! :-)

> I just thought that we have an amount of overlap between our two use 
> cases and wanted to explore that.

I agree there is overlap, and for a more solid long-term solution, 
IMSManifest does definitely look interesting, cf. next paragraph.

> I suppose the real question I should be asking you is "would automatic 
> management of included documents be a benefit in your case?"


>> One of our concerns would be i18n - we can only live with a solution 
>> that integrates well with the i18n work done (and planned) in 
>> Forrest.
> Well I have not done any work with i18n, but I see no reason why our 
> own approach should br3eak this functionality since everything is 
> converted to a site.xml and tabs.xml file and then handled internally 
> by Forrest in exactly the same way.

Thanks for the clarification on IMSManifest's relation to site.xml and 


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