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From Sjur Moshagen <>
Subject Re: Support for XInclude in tabs.xml and site.xml
Date Tue, 18 Jan 2005 13:56:35 GMT
På 15. jan. 2005 kl. 18.05 skrev Ross Gardler:

>> Do you see where we are heading? Does it make sense, or could there 
>> be better ways of doing it?
> There are two other ways that we are aware of, but neither is fully 
> implemented as yet.
> The most complete solution is implemented in the IMSManifest block. It 
> has been agreed that it should be extracted to the core and made to 
> work in site.xml. It is in that block simply because the project 
> needing it was implemented using IMS Manifests.
> Our solution is to import content from a repository.

This is also what we do.

> The big advantage of this is that Forrest automatically gets the 
> freshest content from the repository each time the site is built. Of 
> course, this is also a disadvantage as the site can't be built if we 
> don't have access to the repository (i.e. you need to be online). 
> Perhaps the answer is to have forrest checkout the remote content from 
> CVS/SVN as you do, it can manage the updates etc. locally.

We should probably deal with the two issues separately:

1) flexible inclusion of what is wanted
2) update/checkout of the local copy

1) is very easily handled with XInclude - all xpath handling is already 

2) I have no concrete suggestion on this one.

> I'd be happy to work with you on extracting this functionality to core 
> and enhancing it accordingly. It seems you have a similar use case to 
> mine.

I'll have to look into IMSManifest. Presently we (or I, that is:-) 
would like to go for the XInclude solution, to get our site up and 
running AFAP. That does not preclude that we also look into other 
solutions that would also take care of repository checkouts/updates.

> The second techniques for this is the linkmap. This is Nicola Ken's 
> baby. If I understand correctly one of the benefits of this is that 
> the location of files is not fixed, the linkmap points forrest in the 
> right direction.
> I'll have to let someone else fill us in on exactly how this works and 
> how much overlap there is with the above as I was elsewhere when that 
> particular discussion was had.

I'll have to look into this one as well.

One of our concerns would be i18n - we can only live with a solution 
that integrates well with the i18n work done (and planned) in Forrest.

The XInclude solution is ok - it presents the complete menu structure 
to the i18n stage. The drawback is that all l10n strings would be 
project specific (in src/documentation/translations/), unless we 
implement a similar feature to the above for shared terminology, to 
localise menus and tabs coming from the shared documentation.


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