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From Sjur Moshagen <>
Subject Support for XInclude in tabs.xml and site.xml
Date Wed, 12 Jan 2005 14:16:17 GMT

We are trying to make XInclude work in tabs.xml and site.xml, but we 
don't succeed. Here's  the background:

Two separate, but closely related projects share some documentation. 
The two projects have their own documentation trees, but we want to 
include the common documentation in  both trees. The idea we came up 
with was the following:

- have the common docs in a separate dir.
- have a sharedsite.xml and sharedtabs.xml in that dir
- copy in the dir into the doc. trees of each project
- use XInclude to include sharedsite.xml in site.xml, and 
sharedtabs.xml in tabs.xml to create the complete site structure

But alas, we are not able to get XInclude to be processed in site.xml 
and tabs.xml. Any ideas on how we can make the above setup (or a 
similar one) run?

This was what we did:

  <!-- other tabs go before here -->
	<tab id="Technological" label="Technological documentation" 
dir="xml-doc" indexfile="index.html">
		<xi:include href="tullball.xml" 

Also this did not work:

  <!-- other tabs go before here -->
	<xi:include href="tullball.xml" 

Thanks for the help,

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