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From Andy J <>
Subject Two unknown problems with my site.xml/tabs.xml
Date Wed, 05 Jan 2005 17:01:27 GMT
I have two problems: 
1) all my menu items are appearing under all tabs
2) when a different tab is selected, the content page changes (to the
correct indexfile), but the color of the "active tab" does not change

I've tried to minimize the site.xml and tabs.xml in the hopes that
someone will be able to point out the problem.  Here's a simple
site.xml that has entries on two tabs:

<site label="Simple" href=""
xmlns="" tab="home">
  <about label="About" tab="home">
    <about1 label="item 1" href="nocontent.html"/>
    <about2 label="item 2" href="nocontent.html"/>
    <about3 label="item 3" href="nocontent.html"/>
  <links label="Links" tab="home">
    <link1 label="link 1" href="http://somelink.html/"/>
    <link2 label="link 2" href="http://anotherlink.html"/>
    <link3 label="link 3" href="http://link3.html" />

  <docstuff label="Doc Tab" href="docs/" tab="docs">
    <doc1 label="Doc 1" href="/nocontent.html" tab="docs"/>
    <doc2 label="Doc 2" href="/nocontent.html" tab="docs"/>
    <doc3 label="Doc 3" href="/nocontent.html" tab="docs"/>

And the tabs.xml:
  <tab id="" label="Home" dir="/" indexfile="index.html"/>
  <tab id="docstuff" label="Documentation" dir="docs"/>

I have not been able to get this.  The default seed project is too
simplistic since it all its items are all tabs.  The documentation (as
I noted in another post) does not seem to reflect the way it's working
for me.

Any help would be appreciated!  If I ever these things resolved I'll
write them up and contribute them back to the project.  Please help me
get rolling . . !

- Andy

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