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From Andy J <>
Subject How to create an Indirect Link
Date Mon, 03 Jan 2005 13:04:58 GMT
Hi. . .  I'm trying to create an indirect link and have not had
success.  What I'm attempting to do is reference a placeholder page so
that anywhere in my tree can refer to a file that's actually located
at xdocs/nocontent.html.

This is what I put in my site.xml:

 <site label="FCM" href=""
xmlns="" tab="Home">
   <nocontent href="nocontent.html"/>
   . . .
   <links label="Documentation" dir="docs/" description="General Tool
      <docfoo label="Foo" href="site:nocontent"/>
      <docbar label="Bar" href="site:nocontent"/>
      <docbaz label="Baz" href="site:nocontent"/>

The example in the documentation is a bit confusing to me because the
sample used is an element named "<link>" - so now I'm not sure if
somehow I need a child element within my object node that's called
"<link>".  I suppose not because I tried and it didn't work.  In the
setup above I get this error:
  X [0]  docs/site:nocontent   BROKEN: No pipeline matched request:

I've tried building various paths in the docfoo/bar/baz nodes such as:
href="../site:nocontent" and href="/site:nocontent" or defining the
initial reference like: <nocontent href="/nocontent.html"/> but to no

I'm now convinced I'm just not doing it right!  Any suggestions?

- Andy

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