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From "Bowe, Bastian" <>
Subject tab selection<->abs-menulinks
Date Fri, 14 Jan 2005 08:59:03 GMT

as far as I can tell I'm having a problem regarding the
"abs-menulinks" pattern of forrests menu.xmap. The following is a bit
longish explanation of my problem.

I'm trying to create a plugin for forrest-0.7-dev. It's aim is to
speed up and simplify project site development for several very
similar projects. The project provides a tab structure so that each
project will automatically have tabs "a", "b" and "c" without having
to provide a tabs.xml file.

It does this by providing a tabs.xml with it's internal.xmap inspired
by the IMSPlugin. This works fine. Furtheron I provide a default
site.xml (e.g.)

<site label="MyProj" href="" xmlns=""
  <a label="A area" href="a/" tab="a">
   <index label="Index" href="index.html"/>

  <b label="B area" href="b/" tab="b">
   <index label="Index" href="index.html"/>
    <bspecialdoc label="b standard" href="bstandard.html"
      description="Document in b directory"/>

  <c label="C area" href="c/" tab="c">
   <index label="Index" href="index.html"/>

To allow a project to add custom documents I added the possibility to
have directory.xml files in any of the documentation directories
(e.g. a, b, c). So a directory.xml in directory c could look like

<?xml version="1.0"?>
  <develdoc label="custom doc in c" href="cdoc.html"
	    description="Document in c directory"/>

I've overwritten the menu.xmap entry matching the pattern
"**menulinks-*" to aggregate the provided site.xml with the custom
directory.xml into a new site.xml that would add the develdoc node
under the c node of the new site.xml. That works fine and when I click
e.g. on tab "C" the menu shows "custom doc in c" as I want.

Anyway, when I open the "custom doc in c" link the menu is still
rendered correctly but the tab changes from "C" to "Home". When I
click on the "Index" link I will get back to the "C" tab.

I'm quiet sure that the "abs-menulinks" pipeline result is missing the
new entry and that this is causing the problem. But I don't know how
to fix it. I found out that "abs-menulinks" is used by tabutils.xsl
but I don't know how this is related to my problem.

Any ideas how to achieve what I want would be greatly appreciated.



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