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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Re: Running forrest as a webapp
Date Wed, 26 Jan 2005 14:09:53 GMT
Kola Oyedeji wrote:

>I was wondering if there was another way, I actually have quite a few with
>the same index page as I'm still playing with Forrest, just wondered if
>there was another way. 
Well I do it by looking at the directory I ran forrest run in, not sure 
if there is another way.

>Turns out that you can't run a webapp if there is already one running (well
>at least not on the same port). So I guess this isn't much of a problem.
You can if you package the war file and deploy it in a servlet engine 
such as Tomcat or Jetty. However, you are correct, with forrest run you 
can only run one at a time, this is because it is largely used for 
development work. You may be interested in the Eclipse plugin in the 
tools directory. This is an alpha tool but one of the things I have on 
the todo list for it is to allow multiple targets to be run.

>One other thing which confuses me, as I understood it running Forrest as a
>webapp allows you to update the site in real time. However I have an FAQ
>page and changes are only displayed if I re-start the forrest site running
>as a webapp, is this a bug?

I just tried it with the FAQ in forrest docs-author and it works without 
restarting. I have no idea why your behaviour is different. are you 
using the faq-v12.dtd?


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