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From Martin Kuba <>
Subject Re: i18n in Forrest 0.6
Date Fri, 14 Jan 2005 14:38:32 GMT
Juan Jose Pablos wrote:
> It is already fixed on the development version.  If you are evaluating 
> this software then you should have a look

Thanks, that helped. However it doesn't seem usable. My browser
is set to accept Czech and English

Accept-language: cs,en-us;q=0.7,en;q=0.3

and the first thing I saw was an error page stating that file index_cs.xml
cannot be found. It is not acceptable to display an error message
when a match for an acceptable language is not found.  Even when I create
index_en.xml, it still displays the error page, which is wrong,
English is listed as my second language.

Also I don't see any link to switch among language versions.

To be able to use Forrest for multilingual sites, I would need
at least the functionality provided by JSTL (JSP Standard Tag Library),
which allows to choose text from a hierarchy of languages (as
implemented by java ResourceBundle class) so that at least
something is displayed when no match is found, not an error message.
Also forcing a particular language by following a link is needed.

Is is possible to achieve this using Forreest in some forseeable future ?

Supercomputing Center Brno             Martin Kuba
Institute of Computer Science    email:
Masaryk University   
Botanicka 68a, 60200 Brno, CZ     mobil: +420-603-533775

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