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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Re: Error in menus documentation?
Date Thu, 06 Jan 2005 16:10:32 GMT
Andy J wrote:
> Thanks for the constructive criticism.  Actually, I don't agree with
> that comment (I hope you at least agree that I can disagree with your
> sentiment).  I'm trying to learn Forrest.  Do you think this should
> happen overnight?  Shouldn't there be someplace for a new user to
> turn?
> As a return favor, I'll offer you this suggestion: don't visit the
> "user" mailing list.  Then us "users" (just me at this time but I'm
> assuming they're are more that have been chased away) can learn it the
> old-fashioned way.  In the end, if we haven't walked away in disgust,
> we'll know the internals and what Forrest can do for us.

Andy, I really think you have misinterpreted David's comments here. He 
is simply suggesting that starting to learn Forrest at the beginning, 
with the basic concepts first and then progressing to the advanced 
topics would probably result in a more productive experience on your 
part. This was observed because you appear to be doing some advanced 
customisation of your project before understanding the basic menu 
generation system, you said yourself that you can't create a screenshot 
because you currently don't know "which way is up in Forrest". David is 
merely suggesting that getting a solid understanding of the basic 
Forrest functionality would be a good precursor to creating advanced 

I can assure you that his comment was in no way meant as a criticism, he 
even tried to make this clear in his response. As with all email 
communication one needs to think carefully about the real intent of the 
author, there is no "tone of voice" to guide interpretation and there 
can often be language barriers as well. Trust me, the Forrest community 
is one of the most welcoming you will find, and David is one of the most 
constructively helpful readers of this user list.

Lets get on with using and improving Forrest.


> - Andy 
> On Thu, 6 Jan 2005 14:04:31 +1100, David Crossley <> wrote:
>>Andy J wrote:
>>>I'd be happy to contribute in that way (it's one way that I might be
>>>able to help).  As soon as I know which way is up in Forrest!:)
>>This is intended as a constructive comment ...
>>If you don't yet understand how the Forrest internals work,
>>then you should probably not be messing with advanced topics
>>like aggregation and project sitemaps.
>>>David Crossley wrote:
>>>>Andy J wrote:
>>>>>If it's not an error, it's at least confusing.  On menus and linking
>>>>>( the
>>>>>example refers to an image where the How-To Samples is supposed to
>>>>>appear on the Community tab below the About menu item.  This is the
>>>>>case for the second following image but not the image immediately
>>>>>following the example so that seems confusing.  Or am I just not
>>>>>following the example?
>>>>It is not an error. It is just that no-one has found the time
>>>>to re-create all the screenshots to update those documents
>>>>to the current default "pelt" skin and recent layout.
>>>>The text of the documents has been updated.
>>>>Patches to the documents and updated images are welcome
>>>>via our Jira Issue Tracker.

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