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From <>
Subject Still having problems with SourceTypeAction
Date Thu, 01 Jan 1970 00:00:00 GMT
I’m still getting the following exception when I use the SourceTypeAction:

org.apache.avalon.framework.configuration.ConfigurationException: Could not get class (org.apache.cocoon.acting.sourcetype.SourceTypeAction)
for role sourcetype on configuration element action

I just refreshed my source from Head (revision 124799), seeded an empty project, and followed
the example, outlined in the documentation (,
to change the example sitemap as follows:

<map:sitemap xmlns:map="">
    <map:selectors default="parameter">
      <map:selector logger="sitemap.selector.parameter" name="parameter" src="org.apache.cocoon.selection.ParameterSelector"/>
      <map:action name="sourcetype" src="org.apache.cocoon.acting.sourcetype.SourceTypeAction">
        <sourcetype name="hello-v10">
          <document-declaration public-id="-//Acme//DTD Hello Document V1.0//EN"/>
      <map:match pattern="**custom.xml">
        <map:generate src="{project:content.xdocs}{1}custom.xml"/>
        <map:act type="sourcetype" src="{project:content.xdocs}{1}custom.xml">
          <map:select type="parameter">
            <map:parameter name="parameter-selector-test" value="{sourcetype}"/>
            <map:when test="hello-v10">
              <map:transform src="{project:resources.stylesheets}/hello2document.xsl"/>
        <map:serialize type="xml"/>

I’m struggling here; so, any help in resolving this problem would be greatly appreciated.

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