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From David Crossley <>
Subject Re: Help w/transforming an aggregated doc
Date Thu, 06 Jan 2005 02:54:53 GMT
Andy J wrote:
> > Rick Tessner wrote:
> > Does the PDF that's generated contain content or just the title page?
> > The reason I ask is because in the above sitemap, you have the
> > <document> and <header> elements being generated, but I don't see a
> > <body> element.
> Yes, it's the full document.  Because I couldn't figure out how to
> have two aggregates for:
>   HEADER                                       
>   BODY
>       SECTION  
>       SECTION  
> I just included the body and the section documents all in projinfo and
> bundled up header+projinfo.

There are plenty of examples of aggregation in Forrest's sitemaps.
Have you followed those?

I have tried to follow this email thread, but i am very confused
about what you are trying to achieve. Perhaps it would help if
you clearly described what your goal is, without any assumptions
about how you think Forrest might work.

> > If that still doesn't work, could you post the sitemap map:match
> > elements for cocoon:/header and cocoon:/projinfo?
> Ok - I will post that tomorrow.  In another response, Ross suggested I
> type the project.xml URL in and see what it returns.  At the time, it
> wasn't returning anything.  Now I get the fully formed (minus DOCTYPE)
> aggregated XML document.  It just doesn't get transformed to HTML.

If it is missing the DOCTYPE then it won't get handled correctly.


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