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From Thorsten Scherler <>
Subject Re: Is there a way to turn off collapsible menus with default 0.6 skin?
Date Sun, 30 Jan 2005 20:19:32 GMT
El sáb, 29-01-2005 a las 10:04, Nicola Ken Barozzi escribió:
> Jean T. Anderson wrote:
> ...
> > If there a way to turn off the collapsible menu in 0.6?
> No, but it should be possible in the future. IIRC there is already a RFE 
> in JIRA issue-tracking.
> For now, you can patch the skin to do what you need... and maybe send it 
> to us so we can add it to the trunk :-)

Like Nicola said in the 0.7 release that will be very easy because you
will be able to implement your own menu. 

Right now you will have to modify the getMenu.js. Look for
'style.display != "block"' and change the corresponding code.


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