I've been away for some time but now want to try Forrest again. I understand that OpenOffice support has been moved to a plugin. I've tried to get it working without success.
I've downloaded a snapshot (1 December) and built the standard files OK. I've added a simple OOo file (called openoffice-writer2.sxw) into the samples folder and a matching entry to site.xml, added to, and re-run forrest.
I see a message "Installing plugin:" but then this failure message:
X [0]                                     samples/openoffice-writer2.html
BROKEN: D:\junk\tt\src\documentation\content\xdocs\samples\openoffice-writer2.xm
l (The system cannot find the file specified)
What more do I need to do?
There are a few warning messages about files not found, but they don't seem related, mostly about skins...
Thanks in advance.
Charles Palmer