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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Re: Is it right for me help request
Date Fri, 31 Dec 2004 15:02:44 GMT
Andy J wrote:
> I'm still trying to figure out if it will work in my case and was
> hoping someone could pipe in about two questions.
> 1.  I know the surest way to determine this is to try it - but I
> didn't get that far and someone might know: will Forrest validate
> against an XML Schema schema?  I have a lot invested in an existing
> schema and don't want to spend more time morphing it to RNG or DTD. 
> So this is sort of a showstopper (or starter) issue.

I should no the answer to this, but it seems I don't so I'll leave this 
one for someone else.

> 2.  My main use of Forrest would be this:  I have a homegrown and
> growing CM infrastructure which produces and uses XML files for
> various tasks (e.g., baseline, build, request, etc).  This system was
> not so much designed (other than in concept) as it has been collected
> but all the various parts produce and use XML.  So I have a plethora
> of XML files in a structure which are always being updated, added,
> etc.  What I need is something (like Forrest) to report on these.  My
> intent is to make custom XSL stylesheets as appropriate so Forrest
> would take the various XMLs and produce various output files.  Does
> this sound like a good fit?

Yes, especially if you use 0.7-dev, but still possible with 0.6.

For 0.6 see which 
provides an example for what you want to do.

This will still work in 0.7 when it is released, but we have a more 
manageable solution in 0.7-dev, see plugins at the following urls:


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