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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Re: plugin sDocBook doesn't work
Date Thu, 16 Dec 2004 23:36:04 GMT
Johannes Schaefer wrote:
> So, I found the time to follow your steps.
> See the full transcript below.
> The results are like in the last mail I sent.
> This time even more details and some additional rm's
> and builds.
> Local build for plugins does not seem to work if
> you're not connected to the net.
> First I did it with network up and everything works fine.
> Then I disabled the network and the result is as before.
> Shall I open an issue?

If you don't have network connection then Forrest cannot download the 
plugin. There is an issue for making it work with local src directories 
if they exist, which if you have the svn tree they do, but if you have a 
binary distribution they do not, however this is not implemented yet.

If Forrest does not have a required plugin and is unable to download it 
then there should be an error message telling you that you need to 
manually install the plugin. This error does not appear in your output 
so there is certainly a bug there (please open an issue). I must have 
introduced this bug when I recently changed the location of config 
files, but I have not tested it on my machine yet. However, now you have 
told me how to recreate the problem I should be able to solve it easily.

However, I don't know when as my wife gave birth to a beuatiful baby boy 
this afternoon, so I doubt I'll be doing much for a week or two. In the 
meantime here is a workaround:

When offline cd to the missing plugin directory and do "ant 
local-deploy". This will deploy the local src files into the build 
directory and Forrest will no longer try to download over the network. 
Once the plugin is installed it doesn't need to be re-installed for each 
build so you will only need to do this again if you clean the 
FORREST_HOME/build/plugins directory.

Please add this workaround into the issue incase others get stung before 
it is fixed.


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