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From Johannes Schaefer <>
Subject Re: plugin sDocBook doesn't work
Date Tue, 14 Dec 2004 18:39:26 GMT

Ross Gardler wrote:
> Johannes Schaefer wrote:
>> I did all you recommended.
> No you didn't...

sorry, you're right about "moving target" ...
my last update was in the office at noon :-(
haven't had the chance to do 'svn update', yet
since I'm travelling and only at times get a
slot to send email.

I got the sDocBook plugin's documentation and
I got the excel sheet plugin running :-)
Will put it into jira by end of the week.

Then I'll get the latest update, too.
So long!

>> See below for details, here the results:
>> * index.html gives an cocoon error:
>>   org.apache.forrest.sourcetype.SourceTypeAction
>> * forrest site gives this error as well for
>>   X [0] samples/sdocbook.html BROKEN:
>>         org.apache.forrest.sourcetype.SourceTypeAction
> This results from a recent change in the name of some Java class files. 
> The sourcecode was updated earlier today and the plugins were updated by 
> myself a few minutes before I responded to your mail. The copy of your 
> actions did not show the "svn up" that I recommended before doing the 
> clean build. This means you are still working with the old class names, 
> but the plugins expect the new ones.
> When working with SVN head it is vital that you keep up to date, it is a 
> fast moving target and you will need to do "svn up" very often (it is 
> best to subscribe to the cvs notification list so that you can see when 
> changes are being made).
> (Users working with 0.6 release need not concern yourselves with this, 
> these changes do not affect you)
> Ross

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