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From Johannes Schaefer <>
Subject usage of second level tabs
Date Tue, 07 Dec 2004 12:03:02 GMT

How are the second level tabs meant to use?

What I would like is another level of hierarchy:
   * Intro
   * Family
     - Simple
     - Medium
     - Hard
   * Appendix

Each of the above should have its own menu on the
left for navigation.

When in Family > Medium both tabs should be
highlighted (1st and 2nd level) so the users
knows where they are.

Thanks (details below)

My tabs.xml looks this:

   <tab id="home" label="Intro" dir="/" />

   <tab id="family"   label="Family" dir="fam/">
     <tab id="simple" label="simple" dir="fam/simple"/>
     <tab id="medium" label="medium" dir="fam/medium"/>
     <tab id="hard"   label="hard"   dir="fam/hard"  />

   <tab id="appendix" label="Appendix" dir="basiskomp"/>

BTW: I would have expected that dir="simple" is correct
   but this points to "xdocs/simple".

My site.xml like this:

   <about         label="Family stuff" tab="home">
     <index	 label="Home"         href="index.html" />

  <family label="Agree Familie" tab="family" href="family/">
    <overview label="overview" href="index.html"/>
    <simple   label="simple"   href="simple/" tab="simple" />
    <medium   label="medium"   href="medium/" tab="medium" />
    <hard     label="hard"     href="hard/"   tab="hard"/>

  <appendix label="appendix" tab="appendix" href="appendix/">
     <overview  label="Overview" href="index.html"/>

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