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From Rick Tessner <>
Subject Re: Trouble with forrest's SVGSerializer from cocoon
Date Sat, 04 Dec 2004 20:37:49 GMT
Bhatia Praveen, HCLT-Japan wrote:
> Rick,
> Following are the snippets:
> In sitemap.xmap of forrest 0.6  added in <map:serializers>
>   <map:serializer name="svg2png"
>     src="org.apache.cocoon.serialization.SVGSerializer"
>     mime-type="image/png"
>     logger="sitemap.serializer.svg2png"/>
> and in the sitemap.xmap of the project added in <map:pipelines>
> <map:pipeline>
> <map:match pattern="images/*.png">
>   <map:generate src="{project:project.images-dir}{1}.svg"/>
>   <map:serialize type="svg2png"/>
> </map:match>
> </map:pipeline>

In your file, is project.images-dir uncommented?  If 
so, are the properties that it depends on uncommented as well (and so on 
up line)?  If not, uncomment them, do another "forrest run" and see what 


Hmmm ... just tried uncommenting the project.images-dir myself and got 
that error.  Looks like a problem, although not sure exactly what it is 
yet.  Definitely related to property expansion.

To get this working, what you could do is:

1. remove that sitemap snippet that is matching images from your sitemap
2. remove the "svg2png" serializer definition in the Forrest 0.6 sitemap
3. Create an "images" directory in your "xdocs" directory.
4. Copy your SVG to this new folder.
5. Do a "forrest run" and things should work.

Please let the list know if this work-around does work for you and is 

Rick Tessner
rick at apache dot org

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