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From Arik Kfir <>
Subject Re: commercial Forrest skins?
Date Wed, 01 Dec 2004 22:29:11 GMT
David Crossley wrote:

> Arik Kfir wrote:
>> Umm....well actually we use Forrest for *real* site generation. I'm 
>> heading our Java technologies
>> team over at the Israeli AirForce and we maintain a site that 
>> contains all the resources a Java developer
>> here needs (something like an aggregation of articles, 
>> documentations, links, work procedures, how-tos,
>> etc).  We also implemented a continuous integration framework which 
>> resembles Maven (only we did it
>> four years ago ;-)) which integrates nicely into Forrest too. We use 
>> almost all Forrest features such as
>> skins, new DTDs/catalogs, and even integrated it with custom Java 
>> Servlets code running in the same
>> web app (in addition to using it for static content).  Actually, 
>> we're anxious for the plugin-concept to come
>> out...
>> Just wanted to make ya Forrest devs feel proud ;-)
> Thanks Arik, we do. What a shame that you cannot add
> your site to our Examples page. We should do what the
> Apache Cococoon project is just starting. Enable users
> to add descriptions of intranet sites.
> --David
I agree. I think I read somewhere in the Forrest dream tasks that ASF 
should provide a stronger foundation for open-source development, 
something similar to what sourceforge had done - and Forrest does seem 
to lay a good foundation to that.

Alas - I feel I was born a few years too early ;-)

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