Happy to do the homework, but when I search dev and user lists for the term "IMSManifest" all I'm getting is our notes ("two general questions") and a thread about a broken linkmap. Is that what I'm looking for?

Ross Gardler <rgardler@apache.org>

11/03/2004 12:54 PM
Please respond to

Re: two general questions

Clay Leeds wrote:
> On Nov 3, 2004, at 9:22 AM, peter.dykstra@donovandata.com wrote:
>> Thanks for the quick response, but this is a bit cryptic -- I did try
>> a search but I'm not sure what I'm looking for.
> <snip>
>>  > Two general questions:
>>  >
>>  > 1. Is there a way to use Forrest to publish a set of files that live
>>  > in a separate place outside of Forrest? The forrest.properties file
>>  > lets me change the directory names and structure, but only within the
>>  > current 'forrest.home' context.  The cocoon.xconf settings let me
>>  > override that and point to any location, but then I'm probably
>>  > breaking lots of Forrest functions like search and site links.  Is
>>  > there a safe, sanctioned way to keep my content repository in a whole
>>  > separate place, even on a separate server, from the rest of a projects
>>  > files?  I'm figuring others may have run into this question, since
>>  > this is a central principle behind Cocoon.
>>  >
>>  Search this list and the dev for "IMSManifest".
> The Forrest Mailing Lists page[1] contains links to the
> user@forrest.apache.org[2] and the dev@forrest.apache.org[3] mailing
> list archives. Follow the links click 'Search list" and search for
> "IMSManifest". I suspect [3] will probably yield more information,
> although [2] might yield information which is user-specific (i.e., more
> relevant to users like me and you).

And I am reading this thread, as author of the IMSManifest plugin I can
answer your questions - but please do the background work first ;-)

I am planning on moving this functionality to a separate plugin so that
it works with site.xml as well, but at present you have to use
IMSManifest plugin.