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11/03/2004 11:13 AM
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Re: two general questions

Thorsten Scherler wrote:
> El mié, 03-11-2004 a las 16:04, escribió:
>>Two general questions:
>>1. Is there a way to use Forrest to publish a set of files that live
>>in a separate place outside of Forrest? The file
>>lets me change the directory names and structure, but only within the
>>current 'forrest.home' context.  The cocoon.xconf settings let me
>>override that and point to any location, but then I'm probably
>>breaking lots of Forrest functions like search and site links.  Is
>>there a safe, sanctioned way to keep my content repository in a whole
>>separate place, even on a separate server, from the rest of a projects
>>files?  I'm figuring others may have run into this question, since
>>this is a central principle behind Cocoon.
> Search this list and the dev for "IMSManifest".

In any case with the locationmap system that is slated for 0.8 it will
be possible to mount source directories.

>>2. Where's the best place to direct questions about specific skins?
>>I've been having a problem with the Tigris skin and have sent two
>>notes about it over the last month or two which no one seems to have
>>picked up on.  If it appears to be a bug, for example, should I be
>>sending to a separate list?
> This is the right list for asking thus question. BTW Tigris will not be
> supported in future releases of forrest.

Hey, if you personally will not support it, it does not mean it will not
be supported ;-P

It will still be available, don't worrk.

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