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Dave Brondsema <> wrote on 11/03/2004 06:28:14 PM:

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> > 1) I just mean there's a mapped drive from the Tomcat server (a mount
> > point actually) which I can specify so that so apps running under Tomcat
> > can read files from the other server.
> Ok, so you just want to pull content from a different location, not a
> different format.  IIUC, IMSManifest is about having your sources in a
> different format, not a different location.

OK, thanks. IMSManifest looks interesting, but I hadn't gotten very far with it, but that puts it in context.

> > 2) yes, lets me change directories, but only (as far
> > as I can tell) within the current Forrest project.  If I put an absolute
> > path to an xdocs directory on another server, Forrest appends it to the
> > current context path and I get an error.
> I think it is a required part of webapps that they cannot access things
> outside their context path.  You can try using ../../../path/to/files
> though.

If this is a restriction, it is a Forrest restriction, not a general Webapps restriction. To test this, I went into the underlying cocoon.xconf file (within the deployed webapp on Tomcat) and hard coded the xdocs directory to point to a separate server. This worked fine. The problem is that since this bypasses the Forrest variables, any other Forrest functions that depend on these to determine the xdocs location (like search and sitemap linking) are probably broken. (The ../../../ format doesn't work.)  It looks like if I want to do this while waiting for 0.8 to arrive, I'll just have to attempt to trace the variable settings back within Forrest to reset the pointers and then test all the functions. In the process I may discover that there are inherent webapp restrictions, but that would surprise me.
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