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Subject Re: two general questions
Date Wed, 03 Nov 2004 19:17:40 GMT
1) I just mean there's a mapped drive from the Tomcat server (a mount 
point actually) which I can specify so that so apps running under Tomcat 
can read files from the other server.
2) yes, lets me change directories, but only (as far as 
I can tell) within the current Forrest project.  If I put an absolute path 
to an xdocs directory on another server, Forrest appends it to the current 
context path and I get an error.

Dave Brondsema <> 
11/03/2004 01:50 PM
Please respond to


Re: two general questions


> Johannes - thanks!  But in answer to your question, I'm not sure if it 
> helps me as I didn't fully follow it. 
> My Forrest is running under Tomcat, deployed as a Webapp, on server A. 
> content is on a separate server (B), which the Tomcat server can see. 

What do you mean the tomcat server can see it?

> procedure sounds like I should (among other steps) run Forrest seed to 
> server B and load my content under it. ("do a 'forrest seed' there and 
> create your content within that folder").  But I don't want to load 
> Forrest files on B, and my content is already created.  I just want to 
> point from my Forrest web app on server A to a freestanding content 
> directory on B by changing settings in my Forrest on server A, and am 
> wondering which settings I have to change.

If you're just talking about different directories, you can modify 
properties in
your projects' file.

> wrote:
> I'm a publications director looking for content management strategies 
> have been having a lot of fun exploring Forrest -- personally I think 
> a great advance. Thanks and congratulations to everyone who's helped 
> is continuing to help) make it happen! 
> Two general questions: 
> 1. Is there a way to use Forrest to publish a set of files that live in 
> separate place outside of Forrest? The file lets me 
> change the directory names and structure, but only within the current 
> 'forrest.home' context.  The cocoon.xconf settings let me override that 
> and point to any location, but then I'm probably breaking lots of 
> functions like search and site links.  Is there a safe, sanctioned way 
> keep my content repository in a whole separate place, even on a separate 

> server, from the rest of a projects files?  I'm figuring others may have 

> run into this question, since this is a central principle behind Cocoon. 

> I got it like this (Win XP)
> * map a network drive to the forrest server, e.g. F: --> 
> * set FORREST_:HOME accordingly
> * map another drive to your content, e.g. G: --> \\serverY\
> * store your content there, e.g. G:\myproject\
> * do a 'forrest seed' there and create your content within that folder
> * open a command window there from your local machine
> * do 'forrest run'
> * ah, Java is on my local machine
> Result:  forrest runs on my local machine but it is stored on serverX, 
> that
> everybody can use the same forrest (and I can update it in one place 
> only).
> Forrest picks up the content on serverY which is backed up regularily 
> others can access the content, too. 
> Others can access my 'forrest run' by http://mymachine:8888/.
> BTW: I hope you're not committing the same error as I did in the 
> beginning:
> place your content below the forrest installation directory. Use 
> seed'
> in a directory *somewhere* on your machine.
> Is this of any help?
> For #2 I haven't got an answer :-(
> Cheers
> Johannes
> 2. Where's the best place to direct questions about specific skins? I've 

> been having a problem with the Tigris skin and have sent two notes about 

> it over the last month or two which no one seems to have picked up on. 
> it appears to be a bug, for example, should I be sending to a separate 
> list? 
> Thanks in advance for any advice/direction! 
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