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From Clay Leeds <>
Subject Re: Footnote support
Date Mon, 08 Nov 2004 16:04:30 GMT
On Nov 8, 2004, at 5:44 AM, Ross Gardler wrote:
> Stefano Mancarella wrote:
>> Which is the best DTD to use to get a decent footnote support in 
>> Forrest (in both HTML and PDF representation)?
> As far as I know, footnotes are not supported directly. What I would 
> suggest you do is below, but be warned - I have not tested this, let 
> us know how it goes:
> <a href="#footnote1" class="footnote">1</a>
> ....
> <a name="footnote1" class="footnote-target">1</a>
> <p class="footnote">Text of footnote</p>
> ----
> Then in your CSS you need to define the class for footnotes.
> The drawback with this is that you have to define the footnote numbers 
> yourself, this would be a pain in anything but trivial docs. So, 
> unless you get another suggestion from someone else which is better 
> add a request to our issue tracker to add this feature to the skin - 
> better still, add it yourself and submit a patch (we'll help on the 
> dev list if you want to tackle this).
> Ross

Great idea, Ross. Also, if you want footnotes in your PDF documents as 
well you'll have to modify the document2fo.xsl stylesheet to include 
the footnote as well. That'll get tricky. I just checked, and there 
doesn't appear to be a good explanation of how to do footnotes in FOP 
(although the FOP download distribution includes an examples ( 
& /examples/fo/footnotes/

Once I resolve some other issues, I may work to tackle enabling 
footnotes for Forrest PDF output. But you're welcome to beat me to it!

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