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From Clay Leeds <>
Subject Mimicking Krysalis with Pelt skin
Date Wed, 17 Nov 2004 16:26:02 GMT
I'm moving away from 'crust' which is deprecated (although it doesn't 
say that on Forrest's Upgrading to 0.6 page[1]). I'd like to get the 
'pelt' skin to use the same colors as 'krysalis-site' (the default 
Forrest skin).

[OT] Why does Forrest default from one deprecated skin (crust) to 
another deprecated skin (krysalis-site)? Why not 'default' to a 
non-deprecated skin?

Main problems w/ pelt:
- don't like the beige used for the searchbox and bar
- want the breadcrumb trail below the header/tabs

I tried uncommenting the 'Krysalis' <colors> section in skinconf.xml, 
but it doesn't give me borders around the Menu/SiteNav section (BGColor 
is close to white, making it tough to differentiate) and the searchbox 
color is still beige.

I also tried adding to <extra-css>:

     .searchbox, .roundtopsmall {
       background-color: #CFDCED;

But that just makes the searchbox look unpolished (some corners are 
round--not others--& rounded corners are still beige).

What is the best way to make my changes? Must I re-create the corner 
images[2] in screen.css even though they already exist in the 
deprecated krysalis-site?

Is there some sort of table which documents the CSS color values for 
the various Forrest skins? (This sounds like a job for someone to 
document... :-))


Web Maestro Clay
Clay Leeds - <>
Webmaster/Developer - Medata, Inc. - <>
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