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From David Crossley <>
Subject Re: commercial Forrest skins?
Date Tue, 30 Nov 2004 07:18:20 GMT
Glen Tulukin wrote:
> I am not a frequent visitor of this forum and thus I do not know the "common
> denominator" opinion but I think it's wrong that you restrict Forrest to the
> purpose of documentation generation only.

Where do you get the idea that we restrict Forrest?
Is there something in our documentation that we need
to change?

> I use Forrest for production web site generation -- I do it for my client.
> Client submits me xml file they edit in the XML Spy with linked
> document-v12.dtd and a freelancer/web designer updates css from time to
> time. I regenerate site and ftp it to ISP. I know that some other people I
> met at local XML group do more or less the same.

Isn't that still "documentation generation"?

> I had to clean-up Forrest
> xslt's to make them more Internet-oriented as opposite to be
> documentation-oriented. Namely, use DIV instead of tables, remove comments,

That indicates to me that you are using one of the old
deprecated skins. Please heed the warnings and investigate
the "pelt" skin.

> have separate windows title and document title, introduce keywords and
> provide report how many times they used and in which paragraph (search
> engines savvy) -- just to name few things from the big list you can find on
> a good search-engine optimization web site...

Patches are welcome.


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