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From Dave Brondsema <>
Subject Re: two general questions
Date Thu, 04 Nov 2004 22:14:08 GMT wrote:
> Thanks Dave, notes below.
>  > > 2) yes, lets me change directories, but only (as 
> far
>  > > as I can tell) within the current Forrest project.  If I put an 
> absolute
>  > > path to an xdocs directory on another server, Forrest appends it to 
> the
>  > > current context path and I get an error.
>  >
>  > I think it is a required part of webapps that they cannot access things
>  > outside their context path.  You can try using ../../../path/to/files
>  > though.
>  >
> If this is a restriction, it is a Forrest restriction, not a general 
> Webapps restriction. To test this, I went into the underlying 
> cocoon.xconf file (within the deployed webapp on Tomcat) and hard coded 
> the xdocs directory to point to a separate server. This worked fine. The 
> problem is that since this bypasses the Forrest variables, any other 
> Forrest functions that depend on these to determine the xdocs location 
> (like search and sitemap linking) are probably broken. (The ../../../ 
> format doesn't work.)  It looks like if I want to do this while waiting 
> for 0.8 to arrive, I'll just have to attempt to trace the variable 
> settings back within Forrest to reset the pointers and then test all the 
> functions. In the process I may discover that there are inherent webapp 
> restrictions, but that would surprise me.

Ok, sounds like a bug.  To our issue tracker [1], please add a report 
for paths to support absolute paths.


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